Next Club Meeting Nov. 3

Hi Club Members,

Our next meeting will be Nov 3nd at Sean Bolan’s in Bel Air @7:00 PM.  I looked at the DuClaw annd it would have worked for what we need to get done.  Sean Bolan’s will work and if we like we can set it up have the meeting there.  I hope this doesn’t mess any one schedule.  I apologise if it did.  We are upstairs in the back.  Yes, they have a great beer selection and the food is good!!!!!

 the adrees is;
12 South Main Street
Bel Air, MD 21014
(410) 803-1173


One big thing is that I have to step Down as President of the club according to the by-laws of Churchville Rec Council.  The Chair person/President of a program cannot be a member of the Churchville  council.  The program will lose 1 vote on the Rec council issues.  It may not seem that critical, but it is the rules.  So we need to find another President.  There are 2 possible options for this, we can vote for a President or I can switch jobs with one of the other officers.  I believe you the members should make that decision.  As for me I want to be one of the Officers of the club and would become the Secretary if you agree to that by voting on it.  We need to decide this at this meeting.  I do not want to step down as President and we have to follow the rules of Churchville.  We are trying to find the best way to solve this issue.

It is Membership renewal and registration time.  Dues will be $25.00.  We need to know who is coming back and need to have your dues by December30th.  With that we (the board) are planning to sponsor a trip to the Grange in Spotsylvania VA.  We will spend the weekend playing golf and camping.  The club will cover the greens fees for the weekend.  It will be a great time to hang out and golf all weekend.  We are thinking about early June for the trip.  We need to contact them and set up the dates. We will let you know as as soon as we have confirmed dates.  We would like to have additional club trip through out the year to other course near by as well.

Again I will ask the members…… What do you want to accomplish as a Club this year?  What needs to change, what needs to be done,  what did we not do, how do we make it better, how are we promoting our sport??? Bring your ideas.  I have spoke to many of you and you have great ideas about all sorts of things we need to hear them as a group and decided what we want to do.

It was our first year I believe that we did really great things and missed some opportunities to do more.  Over all we accomplished what we said we would do. The Churchville 6 was huge, LTT, the Scorcher, Tee boxes  all great.  I hope the SOL/NYX goes as well as the others.  Please let us know what you think about how we as officers performed.  We need feedback to get better.  I know I made mistakes and need to make sure I do not repeat them as we move forward.

You can contact me either by phone 443-966-4534 or email with questions and comments.

Dont for get to sign for the SOL/NYX October 22nd!!!!!


Don Simonetti


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  1. By Nick on October 12, 2011 at 10:47 am

    A mini course at Scarboro!

  2. By 1i on October 24, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    All, I’ll be a little late, have basketball practice from 6-7pm.

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